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Art of Chipotle is Gourmet Retailer Magazine Editor’s Choice!

“Before I even tasted this line of gourmet chipotle sauces from Pfleider Pfoods, I was drawn to the bright and whimsical, eye-popping pepper-shaped head graphics on the front of each bottle.  After tasting The Art of Chipotle sauces, I was in complete love with this funky fresh company.  My favorite was the brown sugar-based Sweet Heat Addiction, their signature sauce that’s amazing on appetizers, pizza, grilled meats, fish and eggs.  I especially enjoyed it mixed with whipped cream cheese as a zesty sweet spread.  I substituted the Smokey Red Sensation for ketchup to spice up my turkey burger and even drizzled the Crazzberry Fiesta over a ho-hum piece of chocolate cake to add a bit of berry pizzazz.  These sauces are extremely versatile, all natural and contain no preservatives.”

                                 Kristin V. Montalvo

Pfleider Pfoods Chipotle Sauces Rule at 2005 Scovies

Schizophrenic Chipotle,  (now “The Art of Chipotle) brand products won six awards in the 2005 Scovie Awards announced October 27, 2004, by sponsors Fiery Foods & BBQ Magazine and Sunbelt Shows.  Schizophrenic brand dominated the Medium Hot Sauce category with SWEET HEAT ADDICTION (1st) and CRAZZBERRY FIESTA (3rd).  CRAZZBERRY also won 2nd place in the Hot Sauce-Fruit category.  SMOKEY RED SENSATION was a multiple award winner by taking 2nd in Specialty Chile Sauce and 3rd in Ketchup/Condiment.

Pfleider Pfoods was also honored for the company product logo.  The artwork was created by founder Tom Pfleider, utilizing favorite family photos and design software to feature his family members as peppers.  “We have had an enormous response to our lables,’  stated Pfleider.  “Our eye-catching colors, unique name & the pepperheads demand further attention from passing consumers.  With chipotle having such strong market appeal, we featured it prominently on our labels.  Now both our products and branding efforts have been recognized with prestigious Scovie Awards.

Pfleider Pfoods Chipotle Sauces Win Fiery Food Challenge Awards

Schizophrenic Chipotle brand products won three awards at the 2005 Fiery Food Challenge presented at the Zestfest in Fort Worth, TX on September 10.  Joel Gregory, Publisher & Editor in Chief of Chile Pepper Magazine announced Sweet Heat Addiction and Crazzberry Fiesta as award winners in the hot sauce categories of the prestigious annual competition.  This was Pfleider Pfoods’ first competition.

Sweet Heat Addiction won its award in the Hot Sauce Medium / Mild category.   This signature product also gained a second place for Hot Sauce in the People’s Choice product competition voted on by attendees at the Zestfest.  This award covered hot sauces of all heat levels and types.  “This additional award from the consumers is particularly gratifying and shows Sweet Heat’s broad appeal and versatility,” Pfleider said.

Crazzberry Fiesta won its award in the Hot Sauce / Fruit category.  This extraordinary taste is a perfect blend of raspberries, cranberries, and Schizophrenic Chipotle brand Gourmet Chipotle Paste.  Its diverse personalities make it adaptable to foods ranging from cheese blintzes & French toast; to cream cheese & brie; to lamb, pork, fish, & turkey; and to chocolate cake, cheese cake & ice cream.  A versatile, gourmet chipotle sauce for all occasions and consumer tastes.

Art of Chipotle Sauces Win 9 Awards at America’s Best Food Show

 Pfleider Pfoods, Inc. won 9 awards at the America’s Zesty Best Food Competition in Costa Mesa, CA on June 17, 2005.  The highlight was an Art of Chipotle sweep in the “Chile Specific” category for chipotle sauces.

“Winning all the awards in this important category shows that we have been successful in defining the standard for this enormously popular taste profile,” stated Tom Pfleider, the President of Pfleider Pfoods.  “Our company is focused exclusively on gourmet chipotle products, so this recognition is particularly gratifying.”

The Art of Chipotle sauces have now won 20 awards during the 2005 fiery food competitions including the most awards of any company at the prestigious Scovie Awards, 1st and 3rd place in the Scovie medium heat sauce category, and the People’s Choice Award at the Fiery Food Challenge hosted by Chile Pepper Magazine.  Pfleider Pfoods won more awards than any other sauce company in both the Scovie and America’s Zesty Best competition.

Tom Pfleider and The Art of Chipotle products were featured in hundreds of America’s Zesty Best TV commercials in advance of the show.  This ad and pictures of the awards and show can be found in the media section of the Pfleider Pfoods website at

Sante Magazine Honors Sweet Heat Addiction

 The Art of Chipotle / California

Smokey Red Sensations:  Smooth, thick red-claylike color with “multiple” personalities of tomato, cumin, chile, and tangy molasses and vinegar. Southwestern stews.


weet Heat Addiction:  Magical blend of smoke, sweetness, spice, onion, and cilantro; heat is playful, not painful. Add to salsas.  
Pfleider Pfoods, Inc., 714-455-2701, $6.25–$6.95/5 oz

Pfleider Pfoods, Inc., 714-455-2701, $6.25–$6.95/5 ozPfleider Pfoods, Inc., 714-455-2701, $6.25–$6.95/5 oz


Pfleider Pfoods, Inc., 714-455-2701, $6.25–$6.95/5 ozPfleider Pfoods, Inc., 714-455-2701, $6.25–$6.95/5 oz


Pfleider Pfoods, Inc., 714-455-2701, $6.25–$6.95/5 ozPfleider Pfoods, Inc., 714-455-2701, $6.25–$6.95/5 oz



Pfleider Pfoods, Inc., 714-455-2701, $6.25–$6.95/5 oz

Pfleider Pfoods, Inc., 714-455-2701, $6.25–$6.95/5 oz

Pfleider Pfoods, Inc., 714-455-2701, $6.25–$6.95/5 oz