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The Sunset Celebration is Coming!

Presented by Sunset Magazine, this two day event  is a highly interactive festival that offers loads of activities- test kitchen and garden tours, state presentations by Sunset food, travel, home and garden experts, hands-on projects, wine and microbrew tastings and much more! 

The Celebration Weekend sponsors help transform the grounds into a landscape of distinctive sights, sounds and flavors that embody the best of Western living.

We will be participating as part of the Savor California exhibit.  Please stop by and say hello and taste our gourmet chipotle products.

Endorsed by Pure Zing

 Do you chipotle?  Do you LOVE the smoky rich flavor of smoked jalapeno peppers?  Hate the painstaking preparation though?  Now you can have the equivalent of several cans of chipotle peppers in a paste form that is ready to add to spreads, dips, sauces and even drinks.

The ingredients are chipotle paste, tomato paste, water, vinegar, salt and citric acid.  The 6.5 ounce jar is filled with a rich, aromatic and highly flavorful concentrated paste of pure chipotle flavor and heat.

Yes, heat!  This paste has a decided kick to it and the red chili face on the jar says “Hot Stuff”.  So, if you are a faint of heart gringo you will need to use just a 1/4 teaspoon of this paste to give your recipes that authentic chipotle flavor without singing your delicate taste buds.

But, if you are a heat freak, then bring on this chipotle paste with adobo!  Carumba, but your taste buds will kick and smoke and your sombrero will smolder, but you will go with a smile on your face!

Here is a recipe using this paste that every gringo or heat freak will enjoy:  just adjust the heat to your own tolerance!


Alcohol of your choice:  vodka, tequila or beer; V8 or vegetable juice; Gourmet Chipotle Paste

Mix your regular proporations of juice and alcohol, then add and stir in 1/2 teaspoon of Gourmet Chipotle Paste.  Add more heat and flavor with more paste and compliment with your preferred seasoning salts, Worcestershire and garnish. Enjoy the most distinctive Bloody Mary you’ve ever had!

Considering that we can’t “take the heat”, this jar will last us a long time, but every little addition of this paste will make our recipes taste authentic, rich and chipotle smoky.

The Nibble

The Art of Chipotle

A Fine Family of Chipotle:  Paste, Salsa & Sauce

To make its salsas, bottled sauces and ever-useful chipotle paste, which is the base for all the other recipes, The Art of Chipotle buys chipotles from a domestic grower.  The jalapenos are washed, de-stemmed and deseeded, smoked, dried and ground into paste at the farm.

The Art of Chipotle products are incredibly handy and perfectly suited for any number of everyday uses- and for a vast range of palates, not just for those who like things hot.  We didn’t have a chance to taste every sauce and salsa in the line, but the ones we tried were extremely versatile.  They’re perfect, of course, for traditional Mexican, Southwestern and Tex-Mex preparations, but can also be used for dipping, marinating, simmering and topping just about anything.

Gourmet Paste with Adobo Review by Phil Lempert, “”

The flavors of Mexican and Southwestern foods are popular in the United States, that’s for sure.  Do you ever notice that compared to twenty years ago, the Latin food section in your supermarket has grown from a small section in some stores to half of an aisle!  This paste made from dried and smoked jalapeno peppers will have many uses when you want to heat up your Mexican dishes.  Add to sauces, spreads, dips, marinades for yoru chicken and beef, just about anything!  It is a gourmet food product, so the price may seem a little high.  But, it will last you a long time, because you’ll only need a small amount when adding to your foods.  No preservatives, all natural ingredients, and it tastes great!  Retails for $5.49-$5.99 / 6.5 oz. jar.  He reviewed our Chipotle Paste in August of 2007.

Plano Insider – Sunday, June 10, 2007

A chipotle sauce made with a family recipe that made an appearance at a backyard barbecue is making its way into Plano in Central Market stores.

Tom Pfleider, CEO of Pfleider Pfoods, the manufacturers of The Art of Chipotle line, said the homemade sauce made by the host’s girlfriend was served over fajitas at a friendly get together.  “It had never been written down until I contacted her and bought the recipe.”  Pfleider said.  In less than a year from discovering the sauce, he moved it into mass production.  At its first appearance at a food show, the original sauce, dubbed “Sweet Heat Addiction”, won an award and sold out.  Since then, Pfleider has developed three additional sauces, a gourmet paste and four salsas – all of which are combinations using chipotles (chee-POHT-lehs), medium-heat smoked jalapenos.

The Pfleider family, Tom, Christina, Taryn and Evan are all featured as jalapenos on every Art of Chipotle label – keeping the products family-oriented and close to home for Tom, who gets help from his wife and daughter, Christina and Taryn respectively, running the company.

Pfleider isn’t sure where his venture will lead but he said what started out as a hobby or maybe a mid-life crisis is being sold in 45 states.  “It gets a little crazy but it’s fun,” he said.

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Chipotle Salsa

What” Spice up the fiesta with salsa in flavors like pineapple mojito and mango gingersnap.

Why: when I dip, you dip, we dip.

Where:  Online at

Rave Reviews

Art of Chipotle was listed as a “Hot Product” in the September/October 2007 issue of Rave Reveiws!  “The Preeminent Source For Gourmet & Gift Basket Ideas.”

Pfleider Pfoods, Inc.

The Art of Chipotle –Unique, award-winning sauces, salsas, and paste that harness the bold, southwestern flavor of authentic chipotle, while tempering the heat to provide an amazingly versatile, full-bodied experience for all consumer tastes.

Mummy Reviews

Art of Chipotle – Salsas & Sauces

Gluten free, gourmet, all natural and fun!  That is Chipotle People’s take on the fiery little jalapeno.  They sent me two unique salsas and two heat sauces that were sure to knock my socks off.

Pineapple Mojito-(13 oz jar $4.39-$4.79) – is fresh pineapple with a slight hint of mint.  The people at the Art of Chipotle describe this salsa as “unique and distinctive.”  It sure it!  This one is a tricky little salsa that I paired with chips.  It comes on all sweet and mild at first and then packs a heated punch at the end.  If you like darling food, then nothing beats this all natural salsa.  It has vine fresh ingredients and a nice tropical scent when you open the jar.  Pineapple Mojito salsa is certainly an adventure to eat.  It’s best served as a topping or in combination with a food.  I think it would taste great on chicken or even fish, but it’s not the best for chips.

Mango Gingersnap – This really is the ultimate in gourmet salsas.  It has a slightly chunkier consistency than the Pineapple Mojito and is not quite as watery either.  There was no tropical scent that greeted me upon opening the jar.  I paired it with chips and crunched away.  I liked this one the best overall for its subtle mango flavoring and then it hits you with the slow warming from the ginger.  I think this would be a great treat to serve at a party instead of the same played out jarred salsas out there.

Sweet Heat Addiction – (13-14.7 ounce jars – $5.99-$6.99) Sometimes original really is the best.  I paired this medium heat sauce with chicken one night using it as a marinade.  Then I invited people over.  Wow!  No one could get enough of its great taset.  It made an incredibly tasty marinade with its slightly sweet taste and warm heat that was impossible to resist.  We dipped and ate, ate and dipped.  Then the bottle was gone.  I’m still sad.  I highly recommend this award winning Sweet Heat Addiction sauce and will definitely be trying it as a sauce, using it on appetizers, other meats and even eggs!

Smokey Red Sensation Chipotle Sauce- This heat sauce is bold.  There is a strong smoky flavor that purist of the chipotle will love.  Hints of garlic, cumin and molasses pair well with the intense tomato flavor in this highly versatile sauce.  While it was not a favorite in our house, I think if paired with the right foods like beef and even pumpkin, this spicy heat sauce would really shine.

The folks at the Art of Chipotle are really passionate about their product and serving it naturally.  All ingredients are fresh and truly healthy.  All products have a robust chile flavor while managing to find an incredible balance between sweet and hot.  There are numerous recipes on the website as well as gift ideas and other fun links.