PIZZA WINNERS – “Best of Show”, and all other category winners!

Kelly won our overall prize of the “Best of Show” with her Spicy Thai Chipotle Chicken Pizza, using Sweet Heat Addiction.  It was a difficult choice with such great entries, but this is an amazing pizza.  Sweet Heat Addiction is the sauce and it’s topped with pepper jack cheese, chicken, cilantro, onions, bell peppers, peanuts and shredded carrots.  Partially bake, top with chow mein noodles and drizzle with peanut sauce, finish baking and enjoy!  Your giftbox is on its’ way, along with your limited edition AOC T-Shirt and most important of all, BRAGGING RIGHTS!


Second Place Pizza in our “Best of Show” category, is the BBQ Chicken Bacon Pinwheel Pizza submitted by Kaye. 

This great pizza sauce was made with Smokey Red Sensation, brown sugar, molasses, and Worcestershire sauce – then topped with cheese, bacon and chicken.   Congratulations Kaye!




Third Place in “Best of Show”, goes to Tyne, with his entry of a Polynesian Twist Chipotle Pizza.  This pizza is topped with Sweet Heat Addiction, pineapple, Monterey Jack Cheese, bean sprouts, peppers and almonds and then it’s cooked on the grill.  Doesn’t this look incredible?  

Thank you to all who participated! 

Here are some other entries that we feel are worthy of special mention


Best Use of Salsa:  1) Tex Mex Chipotle Pizza- Gracie & Paige  2) Mexican Chipotle Pizza- Sheri

International: 1) Spicy Thai Chicken Pizza-Kelly  2) South of the Border pizza-Anthony 3) Garlic Chicken Italiano-Cole

Meat:  1) Sock It To Me Pizza- Abbey  2) BBQ Ham & Bacon Pineapple-Wayne  3)  Chicago Style Meatball-Steve

Best Presentation:  1) Chicken Bacon Pinwheel-Kaye  2) Chipotle Mango Cookie-Melanie  3)  Polynesian Twist-Tyne

Creative:  1) Chipotle Mango Cookie-Melanie  2) Brazilian-Terrie & Bill  3) Polynesian Twist-Tyne

Healthy:  1)  Pesto Frenchbread-Robyn  2) Chicago Style Meatball (without the Fritos)-Steve  3) Brazilian-Terrie & Bill

Heaviest:  1) Sock It To Me-Abbey 2) South of the Border-Anthony

Shocking:  1)  South of the Border (eggs)-Anthony  2) Chicago Style Meatball Pepperoni Stuffed Pizza (Fritos)-Steve 3) Brazilian (bananas)-Terrie & Bill