Gourmet Paste with Adobo Review by Phil Lempert, “www.supermarketguru.com”

The flavors of Mexican and Southwestern foods are popular in the United States, that’s for sure.  Do you ever notice that compared to twenty years ago, the Latin food section in your supermarket has grown from a small section in some stores to half of an aisle!  This paste made from dried and smoked jalapeno peppers will have many uses when you want to heat up your Mexican dishes.  Add to sauces, spreads, dips, marinades for yoru chicken and beef, just about anything!  It is a gourmet food product, so the price may seem a little high.  But, it will last you a long time, because you’ll only need a small amount when adding to your foods.  No preservatives, all natural ingredients, and it tastes great!  Retails for $5.49-$5.99 / 6.5 oz. jar.  He reviewed our Chipotle Paste in August of 2007.