Our Story

Pfleider Pfoods’ gourmet chipotle products have unrivalled quality and authentic southwestern flavor.  “The Art of Chiptle” products have a unique blend of ingredients giving them amazing versatility for use with nearly any food product and consumer taste.  Our goal is to establish our brand as the standard for chipotle taste and to define “The Art ofChipotle”.  Our name and logo denote the best quality products and highest consumer satisfaction wherever they appear.

As founder, I first savored the addicting taste of what is now Sweet Heat Addiction in the summer of ’99.  The family recipe was hidden for years in a mental file cabinet deep in the Southwest.  I found the creator and unlocked the unique recipe for this extraordinary taste.  Our work had only begun . . .

The fiery chipotle (smoked jalapeno) pepper is a wild one to tame.  The original recipe produced  smokey taste and heat… but without a three-alarm fire.  The sweetness was enticing, but not overwhelming to the smokey pepper flavor.  The challenge was to recreate the unique taste that I first experienced.  Our final product had to appeal to pepper lovers who wanted heat and “Gringos” who wanted to experience this new flavor without pain.  After thousands of attempts to duplicate the original taste, our three-year quest resulted in “Sweet Heat Addiction”.

At Pfleider Pfoods, we have gone to extraordinary steps with all of our products to harness the full flavor of the smokey chipotle pepper while adjusting the heat level to provide a satisfying experience for all consumer tastes.  Best quality seed selection matched with perfect growing conditions and combined with proprietary processing and packing methods avoid anything that will rob from our perfect chipotle flavor.

We look forward to serving your needs, as a marketing partner or as a consumer.  We value your input as we strive to make our brand the most recognized and enjoyed chipotle taste.  ENJOY!

Tom Pfleider, Head Pepper

Q.  Who are the people featured in your logo?

A.  Meet the Pfleider famly.  (L to R)  Taryn is currently working for Pfleider Pfoods and META Dynamic, Inc..  She graduated from Hawaii Pacific University with a degree in Travel Industry Management.  Next is Christina, the Queen Pepper as well as a landscape designer in Lake Arrowhead, CA and shopper extraordinare.  Tom pfounded Pfleider Pfoods, but also owns surgical companies that have served Southern California brain and spinal surgeons for nearly 20 years.  One of these companies, META Dynamic, Inc. provides cranial & spinal navigation equipment with technicians support on a rental basis.  Evan graduated from Cal State University Long Beach is and currently working for META Dynamic, Inc. 

Q.  How were the images used in the logo created?

A. Tom Pfleider, our founder, personally designed the logo.  He took some of his favorite pictures of his family and cropped the faces.  Then he elongated the image into a pepper shape and “poterized” the picture using Photoshop software.  Finally, he touched up the color and added a posterized stem to complete the pepperhead family.

Q. Did your product go by a different name in the past?

A. Previously our products were marketed under the brand name “Schizophrenic Chipotle”.  Our name was changed to “The Art of Chipotle” in early 2005 to better reflect our gourmet, upscale position in the marketplace.

Q. Is chipotle the only product you feature?

A. Our goal is to define “The Art of Chipotle”.  This amazing pepper gives us plenty to do.  Our award winning sauces are the first of a complete line of chipotle offerings that will be equally amazing.  Bookmark chipotlepeople.com so we can keep you posted on new product introductions, recipe ideas and company news.

Q.  I want hot… which of your sauces is the hottest?

A.  Our Fresh Cream Indulgence has the most chipotle paste and has a slightly higher heat level than the others.  You “fire eaters” will find Fresh Cream to be very satisfying to your wasted taste buds.  We encourage you to try the others as well if you are interested in extreme taste as well as heat.

Q. Which of your sauces is the tamest heat?

A. Our Sweet Heat Addiction, Crazzberry Fiesta and Smokey Red Sensation have a heat profile that any age, ethnicity or heat preference can enjoy.  We may have a “Gringo” hot sauce, but it’s gigantic on taste and sets the standard for chipotle excellence with 20 awards in our brief history.