Chipotle F.A.Q.’s

Q. What is “Chipotle”?

A. Chipotle (chee-poht-lay) is a dried and smoked chile pepper.  Chipotle is a Spanish contraction derived from the Nahuatl language of the Aztecs and means smoked chile pepper.  In the Nahuatl language, chipotle was originally pochilli.  In the Spanish version, chili refers to hot pepper and potle means smoked.  The most commonly smoked chiles are jalapenos.

Q. I have purchased chipotle products, but I can’t always distinguish the taste of chipotle.

A. Be careful.  Many products promote chipotle on their labels to boost sales because it is a sought after new taste.  Upon closer examination of the label, you’ll discover chipotle hidden deep in the ingredient list.  “The Art of Chipotle” products feature chipotle as a primary ingredient.  We are committed to having chipotle peppers as a featured ingredient in all of our products.

Q. Why does chipotle taste different every time I try it?

A. There are many different formulations on the market.  Some are from reconstituted dry powders that are very inexpensive and may provide a disappointing taste experience depending on the quality.  Even higher quality pastes vary tremendously in quality and flavor.  Chipotle flavor is affected by the quality of the peppers, the drying or smoking process, the manner of de-stemming & de-seeding, and the processing method.  The smoking can be done with different types of wood and smoking techniques.

At Pfleider Pfoods, we isolate the seeds from the best plants, maximize growing conditions, clean and de-stem the peppers via a proprietary method, and utilize a slow drying and smoking method that duplicates the authentic taste of the old southwest.  Our formulation and special blending maintains the smokey pepper flavor and keeps heat profiles consistent while addressing any bitterness.  We are confident that no other company can match the quality of our product.

Q. I avoid products that are too hot.  Will I be able to tolerate chipotle?

A. When you first taste our product you will definitely feel the heat.  Relax!  The heat may intimidate you initially as you recall the painful experiences with other hot products.  However, while you feel heat in the back of your throat, you will not feel fire!  We tried hundreds of formulations until we arrived at the perfect heat that would allow you to enjoy our product all day.  Milk, bread, or tortillas can help temper any heat sensation.

Q. I want products that are HOT, HOT, HOT!  Will I enjoy your products?

A. We suggest that you focus on our BOLD taste… the heat should be very satisfying… even to your dead taste buds.  You can always add fire to our sauces by adding some pure cap (capsaicin), or some other additive guaranteed to set you ablaze, flush you out, or make you cry.  I also suggest you sample our Gourmet Chipotle Paste.  This is absolutely the finest paste produced (see Our Story/Quality).

Q. How does the heat of your chipotle sauces compare to other peppers and products?

A. Chipotle ranks in the middle of the Scoville scale that is the benchmark for measuring the heat of various peppers.  The paste we use in our formulations typically measure around 2500 scoville.  Our sauces temper this heat to provide a pleasing, non-painful experience for all ages, ethnicities, and heat tolerances.  Any heat will be further tempered by the food items it is served with.

Q. Where does the heat come from in peppers?

A. Capsaicin is the chemical in peppers that creates the heat that you taste.  It is primarily found near the inside lining of the pepper.

Q. Where can I see nutrition facts? Are your sauces gluten free?

A. Yes, all of our sauces are natural and are gluten free. They contain little to no fat, no trans fats, low cholesterol, low sodium and no preservatives. For nutrition information, please refer to the nutrition facts below:

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