Our Process

Seed Selection:

Chile pepper growers isolate the seeds from the best plants.  Plant yields, appearance, and taste profiles are monitored from season to season to continually enhance quality and ultimately to grow the finest chile peppers in the world.


Five generations of farming experience combine their knowledge with the ultimate growing conditions for peppers deep in the Southwest.

At harvest, the chile peppers are transported to a state-of-the-art processing facility at the edge of the fields.  A proprietary cleaning process destems and deseeds the peppers and addresses any possible impurities to make sure the final base product is pure and safe.


The chile pepper drying process duplicates the slow, sun-dried process that has been used along border communities for decades.  The smoking process was designed to authenticate the same smoked flavor of the old southwest.In creating our chipotle paste, chipotle sauces, and other gourmet chipotle products, we take the utmost care to make sure our processing techniques don’t rob from the perfect chipotle flavor.  All of the above factors combine to produce the finest chipotle products on the market.

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