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Art of Chipotle is Gourmet Retailer Magazine Editor’s Choice!

“Before I even tasted this line of gourmet chipotle sauces from Pfleider Pfoods, I was drawn to the bright and whimsical, eye-popping pepper-shaped head graphics on the front of each bottle.  After tasting The Art of Chipotle sauces, I was in complete love with this funky fresh company.  My favorite was the brown sugar-based Sweet Heat Addiction, their signature sauce that’s amazing on appetizers, pizza, grilled meats, fish and eggs.  I especially enjoyed it mixed with whipped cream cheese as a zesty sweet spread.  I substituted the Smokey Red Sensation for ketchup to spice up my turkey burger and even drizzled the Crazzberry Fiesta over a ho-hum piece of chocolate cake to add a bit of berry pizzazz.  These sauces are extremely versatile, all natural and contain no preservatives.”

                                 Kristin V. Montalvo