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The Nibble

The Art of Chipotle

A Fine Family of Chipotle:  Paste, Salsa & Sauce

To make its salsas, bottled sauces and ever-useful chipotle paste, which is the base for all the other recipes, The Art of Chipotle buys chipotles from a domestic grower.  The jalapenos are washed, de-stemmed and deseeded, smoked, dried and ground into paste at the farm.

The Art of Chipotle products are incredibly handy and perfectly suited for any number of everyday uses- and for a vast range of palates, not just for those who like things hot.  We didn’t have a chance to taste every sauce and salsa in the line, but the ones we tried were extremely versatile.  They’re perfect, of course, for traditional Mexican, Southwestern and Tex-Mex preparations, but can also be used for dipping, marinating, simmering and topping just about anything.